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DigitalIndiaInsight (DII) is committed to online privacy and protecting your personal information.

We value the privacy of every user of our website and are happy to provide you with an easy way to control your online privacy. We’ve created this Privacy Policy document to give you a better idea of the types of information we collect and how we use it. We are following and providing information as per Technology Act 2000.

If you disagree with this privacy policy, please refrain from providing any information in our forms.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries/questions about our Privacy Policy.

What Personal Data We Collect

We may collect your personal information, such as your name, email, mobile number, and message. Also, when you use our service.

We collect visitor data to make your browsing experience seamless and personalized. For example, we collect the data shown in the comment form when you comment on our site.

If you sign up for a Gravatar account, please use this form: Your email address will create an anonymized string sent to the Gravatar service to read the privacy policy:

After your comment has been approved and you have set your profile as public, you are available to the public through the context of your comment. Comments may also be checked for spam with automated tools.

Digitalindiainsight (DII) has a legal, lawful and ethical duty to collect and treat sensitive personal data with respect. We have agreed to follow the Information Technology Act, 2000 and all the pertinent rules regarding this sensitive information.

Payment information- your payment information is safe and secure with us. We process card transactions through a secure Payment Gateway, which is PCI compliant and does not retain sensitive information for a period more than required. So you heard that we could also make payments through an independent deal with the payment gateway? Amazing, right?!

For online payments, an independent agreement with the payment gateway provider applies. does not store any bank account details or share them with any third party for any reason whatsoever, including payment of services.

CCPA Privacy Notice

The California Code of Regulations defines a “resident” as:
(1) every individual who is in the State of California for other than a temporary or
transitory purpose and
(2) every individual who is domiciled in the State of California who is outside the
The state of California for a temporary or transitory purpose

All other individuals are defined as “non-residents.”

If this definition of “resident” applies to you, we must adhere to certain rights and
obligations regarding your personal information.

What categories of personal information do we collect?

A. IdentifiersContact details, such as real name, alias,
postal address, telephone, or mobile
contact number, unique personal identifier, NO
online identifier, Internet Protocol address,
email address, and account name
B. Personal information
categories listed in the
California Customer
Records statute
Name, contact information, education,
employment, employment history
C. Protected classification
characteristics under
California or federal law
Gender and date of birthNo
D. Commercial InformationTransaction information, purchase history,
financial details, and payment information
E. Biometric InformationFingerprints and VoiceprintsNo
F. Internet or similar other network activityBrowsing history, search history,
online behaviour, interest data, and interactions,
without any other websites, applications, systems, and advertisements
G. Geolocation dataDevice locationNo
H. Audio, Electronic, Visual, thermal, olfactory, or similar informationImages and audio, Video, and call recordings created in connection with our business activitiesNo
I. Professional or employment-related informationBusiness contact details to
provide you with our services at a business
level or job title, work history, and
professional qualifications if you apply for
a job with us
J. Education InformationStudent records and directory informationNo
K. Inferences are drawn from other personal informationInferences are drawn from any of the collected
personal information listed above to create
a profile or summary about, for example,
an individual’s preferences and

Log File

Digitalindiainsight (DII) uses log files to track visitors. This is a standard procedure that all hosting companies do, and it’s a part of the hosting service’s analytics. Log files can be invaluable for analyzing web traffic. They show users’ IP addresses, which types of browsers they are using, and their respective service providers. They may also show the number of clicks on a given link.

The content you provide will not be linked to any personally identifiable information, and the only purpose of gathering this information is for an internal analytics report.

Whom We Share Your Data With may collect your credit card or other financial information through the Payment Gateway and deletes it immediately after processing the payment. However, this information is protected by the payment gateway provider. No outside agency has been authorized to use any sensitive information. But if such authorization is granted soon, we will post those details here.

When visitors leave comments on the site, we collect data that users voluntarily submit in commenting forms, including the commenter’s IP address and user agent string. The data is submitted to third-party services that analyze it to improve our spam detection, so we can ensure that visitors don’t have to see annoying ads that ruin their browsing experience.

Digitalindiainsight will never disclose any personal information unless we are legally obliged to do so based on the law. It complies with that law – which establishes when a company or organization should provide information to a government entity.

Communication Right

By giving us your email address, you give us the right to contact you if you signed up for one of our newsletter lists or opted in for one of our newsletters. We will keep in touch through further written updates if we feel it is necessary or might interest you and/or your business associates. While we don’t want to overwhelm you with our emails, there are times when this is needed. If you wish not to be contacted, please unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of any email.

Use of Cookies

Digitalindiainsight (DII) is a website, like many others, that uses cookies to store information, including your personalized preferences and what you’ve visited. We’ve included cookies on this site that will help you save time and effort when using our website. These cookies will allow you to set language and currency preferences, contact, and more.

The Information Technology Act 2000 (“the “Act”) permits certain operators to process a Web browser’s “cookies” and make “logs” for that purpose based on some specified circumstances. These log files, collectively called the “cookie”, is a small file sent by the browser to the operating system of the user’s device that stores the “cookies” as data bytes that may be accessed by the system. The “cookies” are used for storing and accessing online content, such as personalized advertisements and offers and the set of information that is retained by the system to provide online service.

The information you provide on this web page is used to optimize your experience by customizing our page content based on browser type and other information.

We also work with third parties to serve ads on our website. Those ads may collect data regarding the ad’s success and your interaction with it. The ads to be served will depend on what you do on Google. They would be personalized and based on your activity on Google.

Digitalindiainsight (DII) does not directly have any affiliation or ownership with 3rd party advertisers on the website. We have no control over it, and control does not apply to these cookies. If you are willing to opt-out from their list, you should visit their website for the opt-out procedure.

If you want to disable cookies, you can do so through your browser settings. You can find more detailed information about cookie management with specific browsers by visiting their respective websites.

We work with third-party vendors such as Google. These vendors also use cookies or similar technologies to advertise goods and services. However, Google uses cookies known as DART cookies.

You can visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy at to learn how to decline using DART cookies.

Our Advertising Partners

We may have advertisements from our partners who use cookies and web beacons. These advertising partners have their privacy policies for using user data. Click on them to see their privacy policies:

How Protects Your Data

The information that you enter on is encrypted and secure. The site is updated to various encryption standards, ensuring that all sensitive information is safe and secure.

Digitalindiainsight (DII) cannot take responsibility for your use of the information and privacy practices of other websites linked to us. You are responsible for ensuring that you understand their privacy policy and authenticity.

While the internet provides a lot of helpful information, be sure you are using trusted websites and not just random ones while searching for valuable tips.

What Rights You Have Over Your Data

Digitalindiainsight (DII) is fully compliant with EU data protection, processing, and individual rights regulations. We are committed to securing your trust and safeguarding your privacy.

We are obliged to provide users with a copy of all data we have collected, as per the rules laid by the site. Furthermore, if you wish to erase any personal data we hold about you, contact us, and we will do it as soon as possible. Also: you may delete or close your account at any time.

All of your personal information will be deleted at the user’s request. The only exception to this rule is in cases where information is required for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

We’re extremely committed to your privacy. As such, our privacy policy may be updated at any time to reflect any changes we make. You will be notified by an updated post on our blog when such an update occurs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how we collect, use, or disclose personal information or want more information on our privacy practices, please contact us by filling in the contact page details.