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What is Goods and Service Tax

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Goods and Services Tax is a single tax system that has replaced multiple indirect taxes such as service tax, VAT, excise duty, and other local levies. It is a consumption-based tax levied on the supply of goods and services across India. Goods and Service Tax was implemented on July 1, 2017, to simplify India’s indirect taxation system.

The GST calculation depends on various factors, such as the type of product or service supplied, its value, place of supply (Inter-State or Intra-State), and applicable tax rates.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) calculator helps businesses to calculate their inclusive and exclusive tax liabilities accurately. However, it would be best to learn about this tax law before accurately using the calculator.

The 4 Types of Goods and Service Tax in India

The four main types include Central  (CGST), State (SGST), Integrated (IGST), and Union Territory (UTGST).

The Central Government collects CGST on all intra-state supplies of goods and services made by registered taxpayers. Similarly, SGST is collected by state governments on all intra-state supplies made within their respective states. IGST is charged on inter-state supplies of goods and services or imports into India. UTGST is applied to all intra-union territory supplies.

How the GST Calculator Works: Some Math

The calculator does all the complicated math while you only have to fill out the data. Below is an explanation of how this GST inclusive and exclusive tax calculator works. T explanation is straight to the point; if you learn and understand the formula here, it’d be easy to calculate and use the calculator.

You must know a few things before you can utilize this tool:

  • Determine the taxable value. It is the value of which goods and services tax is to be levied. It is the amount excluding GST. Select the appropriate option if you must calculate an amount inclusive of GST.
  • Know the tax rate of that product or service. The goods and Services Tax Council fixes the different GST rates for Goods and Services, which are 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. However, at the moment, the GST rate for services is 18%.

With all these data, utilizing the GST calculator multiplies the taxable value with the applicable GST rate.

For instance, we have done the demo calculation for you.
The service/product GST inclusive value is INR 12000, and the GST rate is 18%. Now, we’ll do some math to calculate the actual and GST amounts.

GST Inclusive Value: 12000
GST Rate:  18%

Let’s find out GST exclusive amount:

GST Exclusive Amount= Inclusiv amount/(1+rate of GST/100)

= 12000/(1+18/100)

As per the calculation, the GST calculator finds out the actual  price for the service (Exclusive amount) is; Rs. 10169.49

Let’s determine the GST amount by subtracting the exclusive amount from the inclusive amount:

GST Amount= 12000-10169.49

The GST Amount will be INR 1830.51