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You, the user, visitor, or guest, refers to the client. Also, the terms you, user, visitor, and guest refer to the entity signing up for an account.

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DII updates legal topics, business-related information, services, and information for startups and businesses. Whereas the same user is willing to receive these services from us.

You (the user) and Digitalindiainsight.com (the Website) Agree to the Following Terms and Conditions:

The words and their meanings:

  1. “Agreement” means all of these terms of use and disclaimer together.
  2. Content, as defined under the IT Act, means all information, data, text, sound, pictures, graphics, video, or voice generated in a computer or other form of the electronic device and includes computer programs.
  3. The term is a reference to this agreement.
  4. “Site”, “DII”, “We”, and “Our” refers to digitalindiainsight.com or this site management.

The words in this document have the meaning as defined under the Information Technology Act 2000 and as per The English (u.k) Dictionary.

The Agreements Between You & DII Website

By accessing or using the digitalindiainsight.com site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. This disclaimer is the legal equivalent of your signature on a written contract.

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  1. Digitalindiainsight.com holds the right to update or modify these terms & conditions by posting them on this site. Such modification of terms & conditions will be effective immediately as we post it on our site at digitalindiainsight.com. As a user of this site, you agree to review the terms periodically to be aware of any modifications. When you continue using this site, you agree to the updated terms of service.
  2. Furthermore, DII (digitalindiainsight.com) holds the right to discontinue or change the price of any service we provide through this website or ads for this website.
  3. Digitalindiainsitht.com provides various online tools and information related to tax, legal registration, and legal requirements for new and mature businesses. You can read the About section to learn more about digitalindiainsight.com.
  4. Free access to our website is always available, and free regular updates from Digitalindiainsight are completely up to the users who may subscribe to our newsletters.
  5. Anyone can submit a comment to the articles, updates, or news on the website. Go to the “comment” section and start typing the update you want to comment on!
  6. DII is providing all the services on the digitalindiainsight.com website free of cost for all users for the time being. However, DII reserves the right to change prices at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website.
  7. DII monitors all comments to keep things safe. If you are posting spam, personal attacks, or anything that violates the terms of our website, we reserve the right to remove your comment.
  8. User data is being stored on our external hosting server, which our hosting partner is maintaining. Digitalindiainsight cannot be held responsible for data loss in any circumstance. However, DII will do its best never to let things break.

Conditions for Accessing DII Website

  1. You are aware that no authority or court has prohibited the content on our website from being shared or distributed publicly, similar to the content offered on digitalindiainsight.com.
  2. Digitalindiainsight.com is a website that offers services for users who are competent with the Indian Contract Act 1872.
  3. DII takes its terms of service very seriously. Violating them could lead to your account’s termination and access to the site being refused.
  4. You understand that this website is not a law firm nor a substitute for legal advice.

The team at DII & I want to help you by providing information and awareness about the requirements and services, like specific government programs and what they offer regarding their services. We are not advising or providing legal advice.

We’re not the end-all, be-all regarding information. The internet is full of valuable sources, and we’re just one of them.

Services You Want to Avail From DII

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Guidelines You Must Follow

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Content Protection on DII Website

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Your Information is Safe With DII

Digitalindiainsight.com does its utmost to protect its user information. The user should take caution that the internet or email are not always secure ways to send confidential information, making it susceptible to risks.


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DII does not have the right to remove any content from third-party, published websites, nor is it liable for information posted by third parties. Checking on whether they’re authentic or not is your responsibility.