How to Make Mind Maps for a Unique Business Idea

A great idea ensures long-term business growth. Here, I have shared how to make mind maps for finding the right business idea that is unique, profitable, and progressive.

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a type of tree shape diagram that helps you create a vision board that can represent your ideas. It helps organize your ideas without fuzzing in between each other.

The map resembles an “umbrella” shape. It has several branches from its center. Similar to the umbrella wire branches, when creating a mind map, you keep the main topic as a central idea and show other related ideas through the branches growing from the center.

how to make mind map illustration

A mind map helps you visualize your ideas and gives you a detailed picture of the proven methods that other businesses like yours have used.

There are several reasons you would use the Mind map as a tool. You can use it as a brainstorming tool for generating ideas, taking notes, memorizing information, representing your concept, and business planning strategy,  and as a fun way to learn new things.

But, we are up to learning how to make mind maps for a great business idea.

The benefits of using mind maps are not limited to business only. Schools and colleges use mind mapping techniques to teach business English to the economic students, teach history, and much more. Because it is a wonderful tool for teaching and learning.

Mind Mapping in Business

Companies use mind mapping techniques to brainstorm ideas, develop prepositions, and absorb information for better decision-making. Businesses use this as a tool to make boring meetings more exciting and explainable.

It is the most often used technique for meetings, representation, and brainstorming sessions.

Not only that, It helps in many ways like:

  • It encourages the team through visual ideas,
  • Boost ability to think critically,
  • Boost productivity,
  • It helps with making correct business decisions,
  • You can analyze your competition.

Like the SWOT analysis strategy for business planning, the mind map technique helps you by saving hours of meetings and discussions.

Making Mind Map for Business Ideas

Mind Map is a great way to brainstorm your business idea. You can create a visual blueprint of your brainstorming session by just writing your ideas and possibilities on paper. When you think of brainstorming a business idea, you can use the key phrases and words that should represent your business possibilities.

Let’s see how to brainstorm a business idea using mind mapping techniques:

If you are more than one person, it’d be easy for you to collect a great idea within a short period. However, it is not essential.

You can do it using a pen and paper or utilize a software application. I’ll share some free software at the end of the article. 

But, before you jump to the use of software, do it in the old ways for a proper understanding of the process.

1. Pick a Pen and Paper for Writing Your Ideas

I recommend using A4 size paper or large enough so you can draw your lines and chart. The landscape position is better than the portrait position for writing long ideas.

We are going to draw a mind map on paper. Let’s Keep it straightforward and plain as this is for generating an idea only.

2. How to Make Mind Maps – The Planning

Before you begin, you must have some pre-planning of what you are up to write. Start with writing the primary concept in the middle. It can be your interest in a particular domain or just a word.

However, when starting fresh, using the word “business idea” is perfectly fine.

How to make mind maps example 1

Draw five branches and name them as below:

  • Resources
  • Problems
  • Ideas
  • Strengths
  • Hobbies

4. Further Spread the Parent Branches

Be more specific while further spreading these five branches. List only those stuff that you have, and you are good at that. For mind mapping examples, I have added step-by-step images for illustrating purposes only.


Resources could be anything you already have and can be good to stand a business. It is okay to write anything a second time. It’s okay. You maybe have a great network, know people, have some stuff that can be useful for others, advantages that you have, and more.

Draw the branches from the resources part of the map and list those connections and kinds of stuff.


You can easily switch to the next idea you have, and it’s very tempting to do. But, the idea has a high probability of failing if it has no mission. Also, it’s difficult to find out what problems people face and how you can solve that.

Although, you can do it. Let me help you!

Start with your neighborhood. Think of what problem they face and you have the ability to solve it.

Like you did with the neighbor example, think about other groups of people, society, etc. List those problems.

Draw lines and create branches from the Problem branch. That’s how you note the problem in mind mapping techniques.

Do you know the solutions to solve any of the problems from your list?

Are you passionate to solve those problems?

If you answer yes, that can be a business idea. If you answer no, move on to further process.


You might already have ideas. List those ideas by drawing sub-branches from Ideas as a center point.


Draw a line from the strengths branch to explain your top strength. Let’s say you are good at physics like staying healthy, are good at building websites, public speaking, and more.  Be specific about choosing what you are good at or what you already have.


You have been building something that you enjoy doing. It could be the birdhouse or any DIY stuff. Since you are reading this article, you must have decided to start a business. It’s time to consider if your hobby can be your business idea.

how to make mind maps example

Now, you have enough data to find out what will work and whatnot.

There are no rules that you must follow. Mind mapping is great for solving problems, brainstorming, and much more. So, you are not limited to using it for business only. It is one of the tools that help you with strategic decision-making.

Mind Map Examples for Business

Below are the mind map examples that may be useful for understanding how to make mind maps for generating great business ideas.

Mind Map Free Software

I like playing with pen and paper because it makes brainstorming much more enjoyable and versatile.

We all have our reasons and different personality. There is many good-to-go mind map free software that you can use for your project. As you know how to make mind maps now, it would be easy for you to draw your idea using both techniques.

Here’s the list of free mind map maker software:

S. NoMap Maker NameBasic InformationAction
1GlooMapsA visual sitemap generator that we use during our website development process. You can use it as a mind mapping tool.Free Use Online
2CompendiumIt is an open-source mind map maker tool. You can use it for any brainstorming sessions in collaboration with the team or alone.Free Download for Mac/Windows
3WisemappingWisemapping is a web-based free and open-source mind mapping tool. It allows you to use it with team collaboration or alone.Free Use Online
4FreePlaneFreePlane is easy to use and has most of the must-have features. You can use it with the team or as a sole user.Free Download for Mac/Windows/Linux
5Draw.ioDraw.io is also a web-based tool that you can use online. It offers essential features like team collaboration, layouts, drag-and-drop, etc.Free Use Online

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