What Is Digital Signature? How Digital Signatures Work

Now when everything else is going digital – what about your signature??In this competitive world, you want to be sure that your work has not be tampered, what about something that keeps your work as it is and ensures your work has not been altered by someone! The solution is right in your hands now.

What it is? It’s Digital Signature. Well, in an era when we all fill e-forms, the digital signature is used. The amazing part about it has legal recognition as well as validity equivalent to handwritten signature.

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That’s what it provides???? No, the icing on the cake is it makes documents more secured and authentic also adds data electronically to the documents, amazing isn’t it?

How digital signature work

How Digital Signatures Work??

After reading about it the question pops up in our heads how does it work?

It works on concept of public cryptography. Yeah! It means similar to write secret messages. One can generate two keys:

  • Public
  • Private

These keys are mathematically linked. To create digital signature the software’s such as an email program leads the way to electronic data which is to be signed by one-way hash.

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Here, the private key comes into the role. Private Key is used to convert the data in one form to another commonly it is known as encrypting the data. This key is known only and only by user

Public key is for the authenticity of signature. Encrypted hash is the digital signature along with other data.

Digital Signature

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The hash has a unique value to the hashed data. So if someone is changing your data, mind well even a single change will result in different value. This aspect enables other to validate integrity of the data.

Now if data has not been changed the decrypted hash has to match the computed hash, if not the data has been tampered.

Thus, anyone denying information sent by you? Digital signature proves them wrong. It is something that reduces time and cost. Also the signature on paper creates delays and inefficiencies.

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Digital signature is one sure shot way to assure your data maintain its integrity as well as its feasible all the time. When India is going digital why not our signature?

After knowing all about out where can you use it? Yes, the answer to it is provided by us:

  • Government agencies in regulating sectors, where work flow needs formal approval
  • Organizations that needs to approve documents by officers
  • Away from executives where signature is required
  • Representatives of organizations can use it.

To apply digital signature type of documents are sales proposals, agreements, contracts, leases, purchase orders, etc.

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This is a master key of security and an ethical one too. Time has come when we are saving papers, going digital and want to be sure about everything. Digital signature is all under one roof..!

Hope it is worth information for every one who is not aware of this, please share your thoughts about my post over here. In next post we will discuss about advanatages and disadvantages of Digital Signature. Let me know your thoughts for the same

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