What is Digital Locker? 5 Elements You Should Know About Digital Locker

As i have mentioned in my previous post that PM Narendra Modi introduced his most focused Digital India Week campaign on 1st July 2015, which objectives at switching the nation into a digitally-empowered knowledge economy. On that Conference PM Modi Launched 9 Pillars of Digital india. Digital locker facility is one of them. It will help citizens to digitally store their important documents like degree certificates, passport, mark sheets and PAN card. It is linked to the Aadhar number.

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What is Digital Locker?

Digital locker also known as Digilocker or cyberlocker. Digital Locker is online website portal or digital media storage service launched by Government of India in February 2015. Purpose of launch digital locker is to user can access them anywhere if they have internet connection on that area or place. Digital Locker system is typically associated with digital distrubution where you can store all your important data such as Pan card, mark sheet, degree ceritficates and passport.

What is Digital Locker India

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In other words you can say that Digital locker is a specific personal hard drive for e-documents as well as Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of of e-documents issued by government departments. The Digital Locker website or portal has been designed and is being managed by MahaOnline Ltd, the partnership between Maharashtra govt and Tata Company Solutions.

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5 elements you should know about Digital locker India

1) Digital Locker provides a devoted individual e-storage area to people, connected to their Aadhaar number and storage space of digital locker is maximum 1GB

2) Digital Locker will reduce the management running costs of government divisions and agencies created due to documentation. It will also allow Indian citizens to receive services by not wasting precious time and energy as their documents will now be available anytime, anywhere and can be shared digitally.

3) Digital Locker will provide protected having access to government-issued documents. It uses credibility services offered by Aadhaar.

4) Digital Locker is targeted at removing the use of physical records and allows discussing of confirmed electronic records across government departments.

5) To subscribe for your Digital Locker, you need your Aadhaar number and a mobile number connected to that Aadhaar variety. To subscribe, visit https://digitallocker.gov.in/

Hope this information will help you to understand concept of digital locker. I will share benefits of digital locker in next post. Please share your thoughts via comments.

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