Top 15 Indian Government Android Apps

Indian Govt has taken various initiatives and has launched various android apps for the overall development of its citizens.

Indian Government Android Apps

Below is the list of few of them:

  1. Sanskriti:

As the name itself suggests,  it focuses on Indian ‘Sanskriti’-Culture.It provides all the details about the events organised by govt to promote Indian culture in various fields, viz. Music, Dance, Theatre, Exhibition, Film Shows, Children, Literature, Lectures and Others

  1. My Clean India:

This app has the roots in the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘ launched by GOI to facilitate clean India campaign.Citizens can choose any uncleaned place to clean as per their will. Citizens have to put the pictures of the place when uncleaned and after cleaning to show their contribution. It also has a feature which lets people invite 9 other individuals/orgnisations to take up the cause.

  1. Digital India:

This android app by GOI is a part govt effort to reach to every individual of the country in remote area in an effort towards ‘Good Governance’. Individuals can access various information on digital devices through the app like status, quiz, contest and discussion forums.

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  1. UPOne:

It helps people to track/enquire about the status of various applications submitted by them. It also facilitates in checking the authenticity of certificates issued to citizens. It also has an interface through which verifying authority can submit their response to the queries by the citizens.

     5.Aadhaar Enrolment Status:

Aadhaar card is one of the core programme launched by GOI to provide the identification to every individual uniquely. This app helps users to track their status of their ‘Aadhaar’ application

  1. Voter Information Search Using SMS:

This app is intended for those users who want to know whether his/her name has been included in the electoral roll of the constituency. User can also find out the polling station he/she has been allocated to. This application uses SMS service for getting information.

  1. Indian Post Status Tracking:

In a geographically varied region like India, Department of Posts has come up with an application to help users to track the status of the items sent through Indian postal services. Users can get information like where the items sent have reached and estimated time to reach the destination.

  1. Vaccination Alerts:

As a part of GOI effort towards healthy India, it has launched an app to provide vaccination alerts for the kids under the age of 5 years. Under this programme, alerts are sent to the parents of the children’s whose vaccination date is about to due. Alerts maybe sent through SMS or E-mails based on what user chooses as per his/her convenience.

  1. Kisaan:

In this modern age of technology, one of the least affected sectors is agriculture. To penetrate this sector and to provide all the technological benefits to the farmers, Kisaan app has been developed. Type of suitable soil for the crop, weather forecasts, suitable crop for the season, most suitable farming methods, etc are some of the information that agriculturists can avail via the app.

  1. mPassport Seva

In an effort to make the passport services more reliable, convenient and transparent, GOI has taken an initiative. Under this initiative GOI has developed a mobile app- mPassport Seva and has established Passport Seva Kendras(PSK) across India. Users can track their passport status, can apply for a new passport, info about renewal of passport, can locate nearest PSK. It has been a handy tool for any passport related query.

  1. Rice Innovations

There has been an increasing gap between the new technologies being developed and those technologies actually being used on the field. To reduce this gap, GOI has developed an app- ‘Rice Innovations’ to provide all the latest technologies that could help farmers to produce ‘Rice’ more efficiently. As rice is one of the most common food items being used by people, this app would serve as one of the core help for farmers in the production of rice.

  1. Road Safety Tips

With the ever increasing number in the road accident cases, there was an acute need to address road safety issue. To help people know about road safety, GOI has launched ‘Road Safety Tips‘ app. It lets people access information in the form of text, images, videos, laws, national road safety policy and traffic signs.

  1. KhoyaPaya

Articles seeking information about lost or missing children’s have become a common view in TV/Newspapers. There was a need to help such people to track their way back to home and hence ‘KhoyaPaya’ came into existence. In this portal people can register information about any lost or sighted child without having to worry about the legal formalities. It helps to save time invested in completing legal formalities. As the registered information is available to public, anyone can look upto the data and can help in any significant way if relevant.

  1. Indian Income Tax Refund Status

This app is intended to help users to get the update of their Income Tax Refund Status. Without having to physically visit the Income tax office every time to track their status, this app has proven to be beneficial to the users in tracking the status and thus in saving time.

  1. Tender

This app helps to connect local business houses with the govt for various projects. Using this app users will get notifications and details about various govt tenders of ‘Kerala‘ state. It also helps the govt to select the proper business house for the said project with required expertise.

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