How To Use Digital Locker To Store Documents Online In India

We live in a state where each and every process requires important verification details. However, we don’t find these important documents when required. Alas! At the same time, maintaining all hard copies and keeping records of all your vital financial documents is not only cumbersome but even unsafe. Hence, it is highly important to organize all your important documents at one place. So that in any case of emergency it becomes easier for you and your family to access all documents quickly.

Well, now don’t despair, as Indian Government has bought the solution. They have launched ‘Digital Lockers’ to store documents online once you issue your Aadhaar card.

So what exactly is digital locker? How it will help you? I am sure you are surrounded with these questions. Digital locker will store all your important certificates and documents necessary online. UIADI adhaar card holder can easily save online all the important government issued documents (from birth certificate to educational/Academic degrees) on the cloud storage system.

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Digital Locker will surely eliminate the need for people to carry hard copies of important certificates issued by nation, government agencies and other places.

Umm..? How Can We Use Digital Locker?

Isn’t it a great application? But may be you are lost with the ‘how’ question. Ohh.. yes you are actually lost with that question. Don’t worry, follow the following simple steps and enjoy the service.


So, to start with if you want to avail the service, then you need to visit any of the following three official government websites:

Digital Locker website


So I think so, you are probably on this site, enter the Aadhar card number in the given box and the captcha and further click Sign-Up/Login button. This will then create a One time password (OTP) and will be sent to the mobile number used while registering for Aadhar card. Enter OTP. This process will complete the e-KYC with UIDAI.

Digital locker India


Once you are done successfully with the above mentioned steps, you will be successfully registered and a screen will display to upload and save documents. Account user can now use this to:

  • Upload & store personal documents such as marriage certificates, tax return documents, educational mark sheets and many others.

  • View e-documents uploaded by various issuers

  • Share e-documents with requesting agencies to their E-mail.

Digital Locker login screenshot

Yahoo! I am done with this process, what about you? Once you are done with the uploading process, if you want you can even share the documents to any of the desired email ID. You can e-sign the uploaded document, which can then be used as official digital signature on documents.

Hence, you can easily upload and share your documents in just 3 steps. Hope the process was easy to understand.

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Another important thing you should consider is which kind of documents will the system allow you to save and they are: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. And at same time the question comes regarding the storage? Well here you can save up to 1GB files.

The highlighting point about the application is – it’s a government locker and in comparison it is more secure as the data gets stored within India and you are legally protected under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Hence, digital locker will enable to lug around these important papers at any point of time that needs to be produced before organization to get a job done.

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