How To Get Digital Signature In India

Before we discuss anything on Digital Signatures, let us first have a quick look at different situations where we require using these signatures.

Imagine you are a student and pursuing a distant course from any institution, you will surely need transcripts that will demand signatures and for this digitally signed online documents are required. Another instance can be considered for the mortgage lenders who need digitally signed documents at any time to be sent in the mail.

how to get digital signature in india

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So you must be thinking that what these digital signatures actually are and how to create them, right? As a result, let us have a look at the must know things about digital signatures:

  • What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature or ID in technical terms is referred as a digital certificate is used to digitally sign any of the documents. Also, it must have an unexpired or rather to say a current digital certificate. A digital certificate is necessary for the digital signatures as it provides a public key that is generally used to validate the private key associated with the digital signature. The digital certificates would make it possible for the digital signatures for using as a way to authenticate digital information.

get digital signature


  • Creating a Digital Signature:

Before you create your own digital signature, you need to purchase digital certificate from any third party certificate authority. In order to get your own digital signature from a Microsoft partner, you can select the option Get a digital ID from a Microsoft partner through the Get a Digital ID dialog box. This will redirect you to the Microsoft Office website and from there you can purchase digital certificate from any of the third-party certificate authority (CA).

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But if in case you do not want to purchase it, or you need to digitally sign any of your documents immediately, you can create your own digital certificate. This can be done by selecting Create your own digital ID option through the Get a Digital ID dialog box. Then follow below-given steps:

  1. Go to Get a Digital ID dialog box and select Create your own digital ID.
  2. In Create a Digital ID dialog box, include below given details:
    1. In the Name box, type the name
    2. Type your email address in the E-mail address
    3. Type company name or organization name in Organization
    4. In the Location box, type your Geographic location.
  3. Click on Create.

This is how you can create your own digital signature. These digital signatures have established their flagship in the online world, especially online eCommerce business as well as shopping world. As a result, keep your important documents and online transactions safe and secure with these digital signatures.

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