Google CEO Sundar Pichai Announce 11 Takeaways In The Event “Google for India”

As We all know that Google CEO Sundar Pichai Came India last week on 16th December. It is his first visit to India and he announced several projects for india which is famous as “Google for India”. He said that Google’s vision is to develop products to improve access, Internet connectivity for Indians. Google has sent invitation for an event on December 16 with this massage “At Google, we believe that technology can change people’s lives for the better. Indians are coming online at an astonishing rate with affordable smartphones. These new users have a completely fresh view on what the Internet has to offer. Please block your date for an event with Google as we outline our vision for these users,”

Let’s talk about the top 11 takeaways from the event Google For India.

1) Tap to translate

With an objective to connect large numbers of Android customers in Indian in their own language, Google declared a new ‘tap to tanslate’ function for the OS, which will be combined out next year. To complete this goal Google launch Translate Community and it is also promoted on Google Home page below the Logo.

This feature give permit to translate any text written in either Hindi or users preferable language in app by just tapping on the content. With Tap To Traslate function user will not have to leave app to open Google translate and come back again on that app. You need to just tap on that app and you will get tranlate options

2) Google Faster Search

Google Search will work faster in India, especially for those slow internet connections in India. Google’s streamline will be more faster then before so that content and text load in a matter of seconds rather the current situation. Google Search Vise Preseident Tamar Yehoshua said that Almost 50% of Indian internet user were on 2G network. Few of Indian Use 3G network speed but still they are complaining that they get speed like 2G network. She also stated that “Google plans to fix those issue with its streamlined search pages,”

3) YouTube pause to buffer

Youtube user will now be able to pause video to get them buffer, they can also leave the app or site which did not effect on buffer. Buffering will be proceed with Google’s ‘pause to buffer’ feature.VP of YouTube Engineer Eyal Manor mentioned the video upload and download on youtube from India has almost double and time spent was growing at 150% ahead of global figures.

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4) Google free WiFi at railway stations

Google CEO Sundar Pichai declared free Wi-Fi in 100 railway stations as he assured to Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi on his visit to Silicon Valley before 2 months. He also mentioned that by January 2016 free WiFi service will be available in Mumbai Central and than it will be followed to other railway stations in India.Google become partnered with Railtel to make this project a successful.

5) Train 2 million Android developers

Google will work with the National Skill Development Corporation of India and provide training to 2 million Android developers for a period of 3 years.

6) Google Maps Offline Local Guides

Google Map now encourages turn by turn direction-finding in Indian and this process will happen even without an Internet access. Google also said that it would help more companies come online by getting them to list on Google Map.

7) Cricket score, Live Replays

As All Indian People like to watch cricket more, Google Search VP Tamar Yehoshua stated that Google will release enhanced editions of live cricket scores and replays on search beginning next year.

8) Chromebit

Google CEO Sundar Pichai during the ‘Google For India’ introduced that Asus Chromebit will be released in India in January 2016 at affordable price Rs 7999. The Chromebit is a candybar-sized PC-on-stick and allows customers update their old PCs get a quicker

9) New Hyderabad campus

Sundar Pichai announced plans to launch a “huge new” Google campus in Hyderabad. The company plans to recruit more Indians for engineering, and its business teams as well.

10) Project Loon For India

Sundar Pichai met the Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to start the pilot testing of ‘Project Loon’ in India. Basically Project loon will helpful to rural and Mountain based area to get Internet connectivity. Though Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT and Tele Communication Minister raised issue about Project Loon’s disturbance with telecom signal. Pichai sounded confident of beaming internet from balloons.

11) Android Next Version Name could be from Indian dessert

While dealing with students at SRCC in New Delhi, Google CEO Pichai said for the next form of Android operating system, the company could do an online survey and if all Indians elect, Android operating system N or Android operating system P could get an Native indian name. There were even sources of Android operating system P being known as Peda on stage and on a less heavy note, Pichai laughed of Android operating system P being known as Payasam, a popular sweet provided in Southeast Native indian.

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