Benefits or Advantages of Digital Locker

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We all are aware of digital india week campaign which is held on 1st July to 7th July 2015 .On that campaign  PM Modi Launched 9 Pillars of Digital India which is most attractive and became well known topic in whole India.

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DigiLocker is also known as a Digital Locker is an phase taken by the Native indian Govt which is really extremely appreciate able which is the aspect of Primary Reverend Narender Modi’s “Digital Native indian Programme” and nowadays I am going tell you each and every information about DigiLocker or Electronic Locker.

Benefits of Digital Locker

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DigiLocker is a cloud storage space and is one advancement towards dream of Digital Indian. Now you must be asking yourself, we already have cloud storage space solutions like Dropbox etc then why we need 1 more. The answer is very easy, Digital Locker is a cloud service to acquire Government Services, which can be used for personal storage space also. Let me discuss about Benefits or Advantages of Digital Lockers

Benefits or Advantages of Digital Locker

The Digital locker will offer a protected access the documents from the Government. The system will make use of the credibility services provided by Aadhaar. Have a look at benefits or advantages of digital locker

1) Fast turn-around time:

Nowadays it requires around 2 several weeks to get new PAN cards. Most of the individuals implement through providers which include extra price. Now think about, the whole procedure is digital. You used for PAN on the internet. Earnings Tax division will increase on the internet demand for documents needed to problem PAN. You will eSign the documents through DigiLocker using Aadhaar e-KYC support. eSign is same as Digital Signature. The only distinction is that you have to finish KYC need whenever you implement for Digital Signature.The organization can straight accessibility your papers from the main database through URI. Documents can only be asked for by the organizations who will sign-up with Digital Locker Program.

Fast turn-around time

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2) eSign:

ESign is self-signature or digital signature. It is the alternative of actual signature. The customer can sign the papers via aadhaar connected digital signature. You can also indication “Uploaded Documents” besides “Digital Documents”. The best aspect is eSign service is Totally free whereas for Digital signatures, you need to pay yearly charges.

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3) Decrease Frauds:

Nowadays economical scammers are very typical. Documents are being affected at various touch points. Digitization will remove all such threats. Documents can be distributed in protected and secure way. At the same, you have to make sure that you should not discuss your DigiLocker or Aadhaar information with anyone. DigiLocker should not be utilized from Community Wi-Fi hot spot or through other computer systems.

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4) Totally Corruption free India:

According to my point of view, Corruption is straight connected to Human Connections. To discuss an example, 10 year back it was impossible to get Passport without spending the bribe. Due to digitization, the whole online process is corruption free. I put on for a passport on the internet and reserved an consultation. On specific day, i presented my documents and fingerprint information were taken. I have not compensated a single rupee for passport until cops verification

5) At any time Anywhere Access:

One of the best benefits of advantages of digital lockers is you can access your digital locker at any time and any place where internet connection is available. Now you do not have to take all documents with you every time and every where. You can move freely and without any tension of all documents.

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Final Thoughts:

Cloud Space for storage along with aadhar based digital verification will be changed the way how government services are provided these days. The concept of digital locker in India is to reduce fraud cases so that we can call corruption free India, Very easy to use digital locker at any time and any place where internet connection is available.

Share your thoughts via comment about benefits or advantages of digital lockers. Have you try digital locker? I will discuss Signup process and how to use digital locker process in next post. Stay in touch.


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